Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is a video that Chelz made from the Dim Mak showcase at SXSW (and us hung over the next day).

People kept mistaking me for Ladyhawke. It was hilarious. I met my biggest fan one night.
We met so many cool people, and got to see good friends from all over.


  • Lindsey getting in a fight with "Nikki Nightlife"
  • Meeting Andy Hilfiger and getting FREE CLOTHES
  • Seeing Kanye West for free
  • Chelsea peeing behind a sign at the Fader Fort since the bathroom line was an hour wait
  • Drinking free SOCO and Tea all day
  • Taking huge bottles of Belvedere home after the SXIX party and drinking it all until 7 AM
  • Pedicab drivers that also work as great wingmen


nina said...

ORPS. i must've been peeing in these clips or sometings because i'm not theree. i left early the next day and there was a bag of breakfast tacos but i didn't know if they were for everyone or dannon was gonna eat em all. ahahahaa!

good job chels!

justin peroff said...

epic. epic. epic. epic.

Stephie said...

People kept asking me if I was Yelle. I was pretty happy with it.