Sunday, July 12, 2009

Austin = Rude.
Denton, TX

Summer Sun

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ben has a crazy new lens for his camera! Psychedelic, huh?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Time = Pool Time
And Mesquite Ridge is home base.

The Move to NYC

Lindsey, Nina, and Dannon are on there way to NYC!

Nashville bound.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday James!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So yesternight Mia and I had the pleasure of meeting an adorable 20 year old from NEW ZEALAND. This sexy nugget of boy-man spent the night hanging with us and our friends, being cute, spitting game, wetting undies, etc. Today, as per usual, Mia and I recapped our night minute-for-minute and found ourselves giving some serious thought to the power of an accent:

YES. He was charming. YES. He was funny. YES. We wanted to add him to our social networks. But are these uber crushable qualities enough to save a baby sexy from the fatal flaw of being born too late? NO!!!!

Let me explain. Mia and I went through this brief "underage boyfriend" phase. Thought process: seeking attractive, vulnerable, not a boy not yet a mandude trapped inside a man's body. (Of course they were all legal! Don’t be gross, y’all!) Initially we thought it was funny/exciting/not creepy to pursue boys under 21. BUT when we realized it WAS creepy we totes hit the brakes on the operation. 100% RETIRED from the baby boy club!!!!

That's where the wild card comes in: THE ACCENT! Here's this guy, 20 years old, unable to order a glass of wine at the dinner I have already planned for us in my mind, and I'm still into it!

Everyone knows accents are extra delish. This information is practically spoon-fed to us by moms/sisters/aunts/the delivery room nurse the moment we're birthed. It's number 1, 2 and 3 on the list of criteria for my future husband. BUT (here comes the "big picture") what we realized is that a mandude can TOTALLY use his accent to mask otherwise unacceptable qualities. In this case the issue was age, but it could definitely be applied to other "I’m sorry mom" qualities such as jobless, car less, living with your parents, underdeveloped personal hygiene, etc.

SO the question we have to ask ourselves as man hunters is: "Is having sweet nothings whispered in foreign tongues an acceptable trade off for footing the bill at dinner, driving him to the unemployment office, or buying him a 12 pack?"

As long as they keep speaking, my answer is YES! Either way, I'm hitting up Little Australia the second I move to New York. See you there, mates!

PS: to all of our accent addicted sisters, check out i' This girl is the godmother of accent hunting and never disappoints!

An Ode to Vanna, 2010 Leslie Steet, Cinco De Mayo, Our Anniversary, and Zelda the Puppy

Yesterday was epic on multiple levels.
Lindsey and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary.
It was fucking Cinco De Mayo.

AND the Vanna boys rolled through.
This is a long/sentimental/annoying post, watch out...

For those of you who don't know, Lindsey and I met at a Cinco De Mayo party two years ago. We were shit face drunk in the middle of the day, and conned everyone into giving us a dollar for a "community pack" of cigarettes. Since everyone was pretty hammered, no one realized Lindsey and I gathered enough money for TWO packs. We proceeded to walk to the gas station (it was actually probably more like stumble), and laughed at how smart/cunning we were. When we got back to the party we hid one pack all for ourselves...If you have ever met us, even one time, you will understand when I say that day pretty much sums up our friendship. Scheming. Laughing. And talking about ourselves.

Lindsey Martin is the best friend I have ever had. I love her more than life. We basically are IAR. She is the first person I call when I wake up in the morning (even if there is a guest in my bed ). She yells at me when I cry about nothing. She will go through male modeling agency websites with me when I'm sad about boys. She paid for half of my doctor bill when I had a medical crisis last summer and let me pay her back 300 dollars twenty bucks at a time. She makes me feel ok with my addiction to Top 40 radio. She will buy the mild sausage, even though she prefers the spicy, because she knows I don't like spicy foods (although I am coming around thanks to her pantry stocked in all things jalapeno). I could go on and on, but I won't because I will start crying. And then Lindsey will have to yell at me.

My baby precious is leaving in two weeks for NYC. Based on our history of only dating/loving boys who live out of state, we pretty much own the long distance relationship thing. So I'm not worried. But I will miss spending 24/7 with her and am totes jeal of all you asshats in NYC that will be graced with her presence daily.


Yesterday our good friends Vanna had a show in Dallas at this really retarded place called The Door. EVER HEARD OF IT? Hi, we don't serve alcohol or let you smoke inside, and check your ID EVERY TIME you go in and out to confirm you are 21 even though we have checked it like six times in the past hour. FML. ANYWAY, we spent like 80 dollars on Keystone and totally fucked up the greenroom Stillwater style (that was an Almost Famous reference BTW).

We love the Vanna boys and all their tattoos/sweat/screaming. Every time they roll through Dallas the day begins with shotgunning beers and ends with drunken debauchery. They are the best dudes because A) they aren't trying to get in your pants B) they know how to fucking party and C) will play wingman for you and make sure you get an MO with the cute roadie/merch guy/lead screamer of the other screaming band they are touring with. TANKS GUYZ.

We have many Vanna slumber parties under our belt (although I probably shouldn't call them slumber parties since there is rarely any sleeping). All of which have taken place at my second home: 2010 Leslie Street AKA Chelsea and Lindsey's house AKA home of the wonky bed AKA hotel for dawgs. Since both occupants are graduating and moving to NYC to pursue big girl things, 2010 Leslie Street had its last days of disco last night. Glad we got to celebrate its final moments with the people who appreciate 2010 the most (Ryan, Austin, Brit, Ian, Adam, Annie, Ben, glad you guys drunkenly stumbled through the door last night).

We all have some great mems at that humble abode. All of which involve alcohol. So it was no question that we got sloppy during it's final countdown. Thanks to my TMZ style papo iPhone photography skillz (+/- the camera bag app) there was lots of evidence.

Jim y Sarah amor Cinco de Mayo

Post Traumatic Shotgun Syndrome

Best coozie ever???

Seriously Crispy, we should have just given you this hat. It looks better on you anyways.

Sean took a nap.

Jim Riley for the win.

May or may not have drunkenly made out with this dude solely because I was fantasizing about how epic our children's hair would be.

I really don't remember this at all. I bet Nick doesn't either.

AND THEN, as if the night wasn't epic enough, Annirole showed up with her freaking adorable new pup pup Zelda! We all took a brief break from our bender to have a OMGZ moment.

Puppies + drunk people = PERSONAL PUPPY PICS FOR ALL

LOL @ Crispy in this one. SO HAPPIES!


Cuteness overload, RIGHT?!

Ok, this post is so long its annoying.
It has so many pictures its annoying.
In the name of 2010 and all things holy, I'm out.

Trashed the greenroom at The Door.