Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So yesternight Mia and I had the pleasure of meeting an adorable 20 year old from NEW ZEALAND. This sexy nugget of boy-man spent the night hanging with us and our friends, being cute, spitting game, wetting undies, etc. Today, as per usual, Mia and I recapped our night minute-for-minute and found ourselves giving some serious thought to the power of an accent:

YES. He was charming. YES. He was funny. YES. We wanted to add him to our social networks. But are these uber crushable qualities enough to save a baby sexy from the fatal flaw of being born too late? NO!!!!

Let me explain. Mia and I went through this brief "underage boyfriend" phase. Thought process: seeking attractive, vulnerable, not a boy not yet a mandude trapped inside a man's body. (Of course they were all legal! Don’t be gross, y’all!) Initially we thought it was funny/exciting/not creepy to pursue boys under 21. BUT when we realized it WAS creepy we totes hit the brakes on the operation. 100% RETIRED from the baby boy club!!!!

That's where the wild card comes in: THE ACCENT! Here's this guy, 20 years old, unable to order a glass of wine at the dinner I have already planned for us in my mind, and I'm still into it!

Everyone knows accents are extra delish. This information is practically spoon-fed to us by moms/sisters/aunts/the delivery room nurse the moment we're birthed. It's number 1, 2 and 3 on the list of criteria for my future husband. BUT (here comes the "big picture") what we realized is that a mandude can TOTALLY use his accent to mask otherwise unacceptable qualities. In this case the issue was age, but it could definitely be applied to other "I’m sorry mom" qualities such as jobless, car less, living with your parents, underdeveloped personal hygiene, etc.

SO the question we have to ask ourselves as man hunters is: "Is having sweet nothings whispered in foreign tongues an acceptable trade off for footing the bill at dinner, driving him to the unemployment office, or buying him a 12 pack?"

As long as they keep speaking, my answer is YES! Either way, I'm hitting up Little Australia the second I move to New York. See you there, mates!

PS: to all of our accent addicted sisters, check out i' This girl is the godmother of accent hunting and never disappoints!

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