Thursday, April 9, 2009

Social Networks are kind of like relationships. They come. They go. Some you like more than others. Some you hit up when you are bored with the one you truly care about...With new networking phenoms like Twitter, does anyone else feel "socially slutty"??? I kind of feel like I'm playin' gamez tryin to rep myself on so many sites.

Why do I feel guilty for checking my FB more frequently than my Myspace now? I know we are going on five years, but I am feeling my self starting to stray. Am I throwing our relationship away for nothing? Should I move on to bigger, more global things? FUCK! I AM SO CONFUSED!

And what is Twitter even but a FWB?! He doesn't offer the full package, but definitely consumes a large portion of my time, energy, and thoughts. I'm soooo ok with the tiny bit he has given me so far, but would totally be stoked if he wanted to bring more to the table.

Should I change my status to in a relationship yet? Or keep e-whorin' it up??

I remember when I was a one network girl. I think I need to call my high school lover Live Journal and sort myself out.

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