Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When you live in a town like Denton, sometimes your views on the opposite sex become cloudy.
After being completely spoiled at the babe Mecca some refer to as SXSW, we have come to realize that there are multiple definitions of a an attractive guy.

1. The Classroom Cutie - Anyone that is in/has been in a college can relate to this one. As you zone out and casually scan the auditorium or classroom, you zero in on that one guy/girl that in some parallel universe could maybe be attractive. In most cases, this person would never catch your eye in passing or at a bar, but for some reason, you find yourself consciously flirting with him/her on a daily basis. Kind of awkward. Kind of embarrassing. But always entertaining. The logistics of a classroom cutie can also describe "the work crush" or "the bartender I get drunk and sometimes make out with."

2. The Airport Crush - Have you ever been tired, bored, and stuck in the airport terminal for hours and suddenly find your self attracted to the guy wearing DC's and an oversized hoodie and desperately hoping he will sit by you on the flight? Don't deny it...you have.

3. The DILF - Most commonly found in grocery stores, post offices, and family style restaurants such as Chili's. Usually this one never exceeds the fantasy stage. There is definitely never any contact considering the circumstances (small children, wedding ring, etc.). Personal favs include "the silver fox" (love a full head of gray, y'all. LUV U ANDY COOPER), "the alt dad" (embarrassing if he was your own, but acceptable otherwise), and "the manny" (who can resist a guy taking care of six kids??).

4. The Denton Complex - this one we use when out of town. Is he cute? Is he not cute? Oh wait, he is Denton cute. FML. Not cute at all.

Its always a let down coming home from vacation and having to deal with raging hormones and no one to really spit game at. Sigh. I guess we will just have to wait 363 days until next SXSW...

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nina su said...

ahahaha the denton complex "FML". so funny.