Friday, December 19, 2008

I like Santa Clause as much as the next guy.  A normal amount.  Medium.  My wonderful, sweet adorable mother that I want to be (almost) just like...really likes Santa.  So much, in fact, that during the holidays she proudly displays all of her precious custom-made-as-tall-as-a-five-year-old Santa Clauses all over my parent's house.  

Normally, a loved one's unique and seemingly harmless admiration for a fictional character wouldn't really bother me.  However, coming home drunk to this will always be terrifying.  

Every time.

This lil monster lives halfway up their front staircase and is completely unavoidable when approaching my room from the front door.

Do any of your parents/relatives practice strange holiday behavior?  
Mia, how are you holding up in Houston?