Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is it with guys and Ikea? Between the dollies and hotdogs, Ikea is the one shopping trip that men don't entirely hate getting dragged along to. On top of that, when I came home with two pieces of assemble-yourself furniture, I had dudes practically begging me to allow them to come over and put it together. Of course, I didn't mind this, considering the last time I tried to put one of those Swedish puzzles together it was upside down, backwards, and took about four hours to complete... As they begin, their true macho-man shines through. NO POWER TOOLS. NO HELP. TIME ME! After, oh, thirty minutes or so, the power trip turns into cursing and asking for minor assistance. Its ok guys, no one is completely fluent in picture instructions. In the end, I'm happy, because I have a new book case/TV table AND helped two of my very best friends feel like the ultimate men.

Anyway, I decided my New Year's resolution is to shave my legs everyday like Annie. I feel like this not only betters myself, but others around me as well.


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Zach said...

its like big boy legos